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The Sacred Space of Animal Reiki


Animal Reiki is a sacred place where animals find a space to heal their wounds, to rest, to recover, to connect with what they were before the sickness, the trauma, the experience.


Animals accept Reiki in a unique way, at the beginning for the first treatment some of them walk around for 15 min before they surrender to the energy, then energy enter through their endocrine system, through their nerve system, through their chakras and start to heal what is in need.

When I perform Reiki with an animal, I create a sacred space for them, I observe the animal and the animal express where he/she wants to receive the reiki session, then in the place where the animal feels comfortable and safe I settle my animal reiki set and start the session.

Animals feel extra sensitive during a reiki session and any noise, interruption or experience can affect more the animal than usually, the animal is in a healing stage, with the senses, chakras and soul open for the energy to flow.

A testimonial treating Alice “It was incredible seeming how calm all the animals became in the room even though they were not the ones been treated”

When Practitioners perform Reiki, we perform reiki in the full space where the animal is, depend with the experience and connection with energy the length of the space with energy can vary from healer to healer.

I create a sacred space during an Animal Reiki session. I choose the sounds, smells, crystals, that create a calming environment. This is a meaningful space where animals and I connect with nature, the universe, mother earth, magic energy of love and compassion.

Sacred is a word that sometimes connect some human beings with religion (in a way that they don’t feel comfortable), and it is not for me, a sacred place is a space which anyone can create to connect with their inner self with the universe inside us. When we connect with our inner self, we connect with everything around us. We are ONE. 

Animals are our bridge of light to reach the other side,  the other side of our limited view,  the soul’s side.


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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